It’s no exaggeration to say that there is a war for talent. Every organisation advertises vacant positions hoping to attract the best and most talented applicants. But they do not win the war by appointing a candidate to a role. They win it by also using onboarding technology to engage new employees in the time leading up to their first day - and beyond. 

A recent study by the Australian online recruiter SEEK sought to understand the expectations new employees have of an employer. They conducted the study against a backdrop of COVID-19, which has shaped the way candidates are thinking about work location, hours, support systems, connectedness, etc.

Among them are:

  • An expectation that they will feel engaged at work.
  • The ability to form relationships: more than 50% of those surveyed wanted a role where their colleagues were also their friends.
  • Meaning and purpose: employees want to make a difference in the world.
  • Support for their goals via a clear career path: multiple paths are expected, e.g., leadership vs. specialist.
  • Ongoing learning: candidates seek organisations that create employee growth opportunities through training.

Your recruitment campaigns will need to adapt to ensure these benefits are promoted to candidates.
Still, it may not be fair to assume you’ve won the war for talent yet.