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Mobile Self Service

Mobile Self Service

Mobile Self Service

Empowering the workforce
and driving efficiency 24/7

Key Features

  • Transform the HR function
  • 24/7 access
  • Access and manage HR functions remotely from any desktop or PDA
  • Realise significant cost savings



Key Benefits



  • Mobility of management
  • 24/7 access to payroll and human resource data
  • Employees 'on the road' stay connected
  • Employees can manage their expense requests
  • Provide staff with a rapid and efficient HR service
  • Minimise administration
  • Allows employees to focus on strategic activities
  • Optimised workflow approval processes
  • Saves time and reduces costs
  • Immediate return on investment

As the workforce continues to mobiilse and become increasingly distributed, access to critical employee and personal information is vital for an engaged and productive workforce.  Mobile HR (MHR21) makes this data accessible anytime and anywhere for chris21 / ichris users.

Employees and managers can now access all the benefits of HR self service 'on the go' from their smartphone or tablet device.  Frontier Software has designed an intuitive and easy to use interface that will deliver convenience and accessbility to both employees and managers.

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Employees can manage their holiday requests
Employees can manage their holiday requests
Employees can update their details any time and anywhere
Employees can update their details any time and anywhere, ensuring accuracy of records.
Employees can access their pay history
Employees can access their pay history
Employees can manage their leave requests
Employees can manage their leave requests
Manager mobile self service menu designed for ease of use
Manager mobile self service menu designed for ease of use
Password control ensures secure, hierarchical access to database
Password control ensures secure, hierarchical access to database

Holiday / absence schedules, timesheets and pay history are now available on the go, providing your employees access to the information they need, when they need it.  As you would expect from a Frontier Software solution, security is tight and data is protected by an on-device password and data encryption.

Access 24/7

MHR21 provides employees and managers access to your chris21/ ichris database via their smartphone or tablet. This allows your employees to view and amend personal details and make holiday / absence or expense requests. Managers are able to approve or decline actions and view workforce planners which enables the efficient allocation of resources. The depth of functionality and the simplicity of the MHR21interface means your entire workforce can benefit from having the HR Department at its fingertips.

Employee empowerment

MHR21 will empower your workforce while minimising administration costs. The ability to access personal information and approve employee requests will deliver impressive productivity gains for all users.

Mobile Employee Self Service

MHR21 is a mobile HR office which allows employees to perform functions traditionally administered by your HR or Payroll Department.

Functions include:

  • Payroll - view timesheet details, allowances, salary history and deductions
  • Amend / update personal information and bank details
  • Complete timesheets and view any pending approval
  • Apply for and view training courses
  • View payroll history
  • Apply for holiday / absence and view balances
  • Enter expense claims
  • On-device password and data encryption

Mobile Manager Self Service

Access key HR data and respond to employee requests with MHR21. This mobile application is fully integrated with your HR database, ensuring you can access and amend data in real-time. Make decisions based on up-to-date information and streamline HR processes by accessing, amending and approving records such as:

  • Holiday/absence applications
  • Pending timesheet applications
  • Expense claims

Streamline HR Management

MHR21 allows you to view and plan for staff availability so you can respond quickly to requests for holiday / absence. Instantly view the following employee details:

  • Salary history
  • Personal details
  • Addresses
  • Career history
  • Holiday / absence balances and history
  • Leave applications
  • Payslip history

Workforce collaboration drives efficiency

Eliminate paper based forms. Your workforce will assist you in maintaining accurate records and accelerating approval processes by managing their personal details and requests from their smartphone or tablet device.

Staff will value the convenience

With smartphones and tablets fast becoming standard office assets, it makes sense to provide HR functions to your employees from these devices.

Your staff will value the convenience of accessing their personal information and reward you by maintaining their own information, ensuring workforce data is up-to-date.  

Tighten up your approval practice with:

Email notifications - flow immediately to managers and employees advising actions that have occurred.

Leave applications - forms are completed by the employee and the request is automatically available to the manager for approval. Once approved, your database is updated and verified with an audit log.

Timesheet entry -hours worked are keyed in by the employee (start and end time, project and cost codes) and sent automatically to the manager for approval. All activity is recorded on the database in real time and an audit log maintained.

Expense claims – employees apply for claims which are automatically sent to managers, they can view a full copy of the claim prior to approval from their smartphone or tablet.

Removing the burden

Take the transactional burden from your HR and Payroll teams. They will have more time to respond to employee requests and focus on HR and workforce strategy.

Automatic approval processes eliminates manual form completion:

  • No more completion of manual forms

  • No more enquiries seeking clarification

  • Achieve instant delivery of updates and approvals anytime and anywhere.

How your organisation will benefit:

  • MHR21 reduces administration costs and saves money

  • HR enablement - frees up time to address more strategic activities

  • Improves data access throughout the enterprise and simultaneously minimisesphone calls to HR

  • Payslip distribution via smartphone means saving paper

  • Employees with access to MHR21 can view and print their own payslips as required.

Complete real-time integration

MHR21 offers an intuitive, easy-to-use HR interface that delivers 24/7 access to your HR database through internet connectivity.

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