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Multiple Contracts

Multiple Contracts

Multiple Contracts

Providing business intelligence for multiple employee contracts

Key Features

  • Transform the HR function
  • Remove time intensive tasks from your centralised HR Office
  • Access and manage HR functions remotely from any desktop or PDA
  • Realise significant cost savings



Key Benefits



  • Different terms and conditions
  • Business logic including taxation and accounting
  • Appropriate security controls

Specific organisation sectors, such as Health, Education, Government, may have a requirement to offer employees multiple contracts with different terms and conditions (awards), also referred to as concurrent contracts. MC21 Multiple Contracts provides business intelligence to cover multiple contracts and the related business logic includes taxation, accounting and employee payments.

Security is a key feature within MC21 and managers are only able to view or amend contracts that have the appropriate security clearance.

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Multiple window view in chris²¹
Multiple window view in chris²¹
Extracting data in chris²¹ is simple
Extracting data in chris²¹ is simple
Exporting spreadsheets in chris²¹
Exporting spreadsheets in chris²¹

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