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E-claim / Expenses

E-claim / Expenses

E-claim / Expenses

Empowering both employees and managers

Key Features

  • Transform the HR function
  • Remove time intensive tasks from your centralised HR Office
  • Access and manage HR functions remotely from any desktop or PDA
  • Realise significant cost savings



Key Benefits



  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Apply consistent approval criteria
  • Full accounting entries
  • Includes foreign currency claims

Eliminate the confusion of countless paper forms with one electronic form. Frontier Software's ECL21 solution is a self-service module that integrates seamlessly with our Payroll Management module. It allows your employees to submit their claims online, view their expense claim records, query approval status and perform cancellations at anytime. Expense claim approval is made in accordance with your organisation's hierarchy - with approval rules created by the user.

Clear and concise browser-based forms ensure ease of use. Generating reports on current and historical information is a simple process using the Report Designer provided within chris21. Reports may be scheduled in advance by the user.

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Multiple window view in chris²¹
Multiple window view in chris²¹
Extracting data in chris²¹ is simple
Extracting data in chris²¹ is simple
Exporting spreadsheets in chris²¹
Exporting spreadsheets in chris²¹

A fundamental design aspect of this module is that you are able to incorporate payment claims rules in line with company policy – not only for staff, but for their dependants too.

Unlimited claim history

As with all Frontier Software solutions,  e-Claims allows users to view all current and historical records, at any time. You can check the status of an outstanding expense claim and all its associated history, whenever needed.

User-defined rules

e-Claims is designed so that the user can specify workflow processes associated with approval and disbursement of expense claims, including:

  • Expense claim types
  • Entitlements
  • Receipt capping (percentage and / or amount)
  • Maximum claimable amounts
  • Clinic names and company doctors


Reduce administration time associated with expense claims processing by leveraging the e-Claims workflow engine. This essential business tool enables organisations to streamline the entire workflow process by allowing expense claim approval routines to be pre-set for automatic forwarding.

Alternative data entry

In addition to employees entering their own claims, the back-office functions of the e-Claims module allow staff members (with appropriate security clearance) to enter claims on behalf of others. The line manager is able to view all entered expense claims that have been input independently.


e-Claims can be used to automatically reimburse employees via Frontier Software’s Payroll Management module, or to pass data into an alternative financial system. All appropriate accounting entries are created automatically.

User-friendly reporting facilities and accurate data retention are key benefits of the e-Claims module. This easy-to-use, ad-hoc Report Designer allows even the novice user (with the appropriate access authorisation) to create sophisticated reports and subsequently schedule these for processing at their convenience. Users can generate periodic expense claim reports for analysis, with results being made available at anytime and anywhere.


e-Claims is just one of a suite of modules offered by Frontier Software that operate in conjunction with our Human Resource Module. Integration is key to the success of our solutions and when data is entered into the e-Claims module, it is automatically consolidated within the chris21 database. This eliminates the errors and duplication of data that often occurs when multiple systems are in use.

Security and auditing

Security mechanisms inherent within chris21 apply strict security and authentication procedures that control access to the forms associated with the e-Claims module.

Furthermore, when access is granted and the database is updated, a comprehensive audit log is maintained. The log identifies exactly when and who has amended the database, together with a record of the specific information entered.

Multiple expense claims

When an employee enters many claims, the approver can receive one email to approve multiple claims, reducing administrative time and effort. This module has also been designed to allow every claim to be for a different purpose.

Foreign currency claims

Entering expense claims in different currencies is easy. Claims will be reimbursed in the chosen currency using an exchange rate defined by the user.

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