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Self Service

Self Service

Employee & Manager Self Service

Create a virtual HR office and
realise significant cost savings

Key Features

  • Transform the HR function
  • Remove time intensive tasks from your centralised HR Office
  • Access and manage HR functions remotely from any desktop or PDA
  • Realise significant cost savings



Key Benefits


  • An integrated self service facility
  • A flexible and intuitive design
  • Online access to payroll and human resource data
  • Security options to suit the levels demanded by your business
  • Provides staff with a rapid and efficient HR service
  • Saves both time and money
  • Minimises administration – freeing-up staff and resources
  • Optimised work flow approval processes
  • Applications and approvals
  • Payslip distribution saves paper; employees who have access to HR21can view and print their own payslips as required

This Employee & Manager Self Service HR21 is a dedicated web browser interface, creating a virtual human resource office. Access is from your desktop, tablet or smartphone depending on the modules that have been purchased. HR21 provides managers and/or employees online access with your HR/HCM database. Transform the HR function by moving administrative time intensive tasks away from your organisation's centralised HR office.

Users can view their own information, make changes, enter timesheets, apply for leave, training and vacancies – minimising an otherwise lengthy administrative process.

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Employee Data
Employee Data
Leave Information
Leave Information
Password Control
Password Control
Staff Details
Staff Details
Staff Leave
Staff Leave
Leave Balances
Leave Balances
Leave Plans
Leave Plans

» Additional Self Service Modules

Employee Self Service

This self service module HR21 is a virtual HR office for employees that allows them to perform functions traditionally administered via human resource or payroll departments. Typically these include:

  • Amend / update personal information and bank details
  • Enter: timesheets / expense claims
  • Apply for training courses / leave / vacancies
  • View a variety of HR data items
  • Review company policy documents and latest news 

Other self service functions include Performance Management, Recruitment, Learning & Development.

Manager Self Service

A cohesive set of browser-based forms provide extensive options for managers, enabling them to both view their own records, enquire and, subject to security, amend / update employee records and authorise requests such as:

  • Leave applications
  • Timesheet applications
  • Learning event requests
  • Vacancy applications
  • Expense claims
  • Overtime
  • Mileage / kilometres claimed
  • Travel Requests

Holiday calendar and planner facilities also give managers complete control over staff availability. Managers can also view the employee details instantly.

Up-to-the-minute HR information

Real-time updating of the database ensures that users are making decisions based on up-to-the-minute information that complies with statutory, audit and data validation procedures. Every database change is captured in the audit log. The efficiency of workflow will drive profitability using HR21 to eliminate manual processes such as approvals:

  • Email notifications – are automatically directed to managers and employees advising actions that have occurred
  • Leave applications – are completed by the employee and the request is automatically available to the manager for approval. 
  • Learning requests – forwarded to the training or line manager for approval.
  • Timesheet entry – hours worked are keyed in by the employee and sent automatically to the manager for approval.
  • Performance review – review performance against previous approved KPIs
  • Vacancy application – allow employees to apply for internal vacancies
  • Expense claims – view a copy of the claims prior to approval
  • Accidents records – incidents and safety with attachments are always available

This automatic approval processes eliminates manual form completion thus saving time and money. Once approved has occurred, the HR database and audit logs are automatically updated.

Secure Access

Security is essential and users must first enter their logon identification and password before gaining access to the chris21 database via HR21. All communications between the client and the web server can be encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) enabled browsers and web servers. Encryption requires the user to provide a digital certificate for their web server.

Additional Employee & Manager Self Service modules

EPM21: Performance Management (e-performance)

provides unlimited history of performance reviews and key performance indicators (KPIs).

ECL21: Claim / Expenses (e-claims)

provides entry of staff and dependant claims for manager approval. In addition unlimited history of reimbursed claims is maintained online. Capping rules are user defined.

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