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Benefit from tomorrow's technology today

Globalisations and consolidations are key business concepts that have been applied throughout the evolution of Frontier Software’s Human Resource and Payroll technology platforms. 

The well-respected, sound architecture allows you to share the load of applications across the user interface (desktop), a central server and relational database.

User Interfaces

Multiple user interfaces have been developed and Frontier Software has a constant development plan to ensure that the latest proven user interface operates successfully and in a timely manner for all Human Resource and Payroll Management software.

  • chris21 – a WindowsTM client / server interface
  • chris21 with Internet Option – uses SSL for secure internet access
  • HR21 – a browser solution for employee and manager self service
  • MHR21 – a mobile device option for employee and manager access
  • ichris21 - a browser solution for the complete Human Resource and Payroll software functions as delivered within the business rules of chris21

Business Rules Engine

The Business Rules Engine (BRE) handles all data-related work on behalf of users, interfaces and databases. All business logic resides securely in one module and in one location (central server). Operating on Windows, LinuxTM or UNIX-based servers, the Human Resource and Payroll business rules engine ensures full security as users do not have direct access to server resources.

Transaction Messaging provides a simple communication method and facilitates Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) with

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Identity Management
  • MQ SeriesTM
  • BizTalkTM
  • SeeBeyondTM
  • Web portals

Flexible Database Options

Optional databases are SQL ServerTM and ORACLETM.

The database design is an open platform offering true scalability. We have the customers to prove such scalability.   It can accommodate 1-1,000 users, while the database can hold information on an unlimited number of employees. 

Cloud Computing

Frontier Software offers a number of options whereby software can be hosted on one of the servers operated by Frontier Software or third party organisations. The full extent of this service also covers the different payment plans. Customers can either license the product in-house (on-premise) or as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

In addition, Frontier Software offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) options for the Human Resource and Payroll management software solutions.

A Cloud Solution

When a customer decides to operate the Human Resource and Payroll software in the cloud, then Frontier Software manages the Human Resource and Payroll application for the customer, including all software upgrades. Payment for this service delivery model is subscription based, tailored to each customer’s business needs.

Future of Computing

As technology significantly advances, Frontier Software keeps track. With 20% of turnover spent on research and development, we ensure that the most important aspects in our mission critical Human Resource and Payroll software solution are included within the development plans.


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