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Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Solution

Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Solution


Comprehensive Human Resource
Integrated Solution

Key Features

  • Transform the HR function
  • Remove time intensive tasks from your centralised HR Office
  • Access and manage HR functions remotely from any desktop or PDA
  • Realise significant cost savings


Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated
  • Unlimited history
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • International coverage

The various Human Resource and Payroll Management modules contained within the integrated HR software solution provide the foundation on which our customers build their Human Resource and Payroll strategies. These modules can be selected either individually, or as part of a totally integrated Human Resource software solution, to deliver a dedicated, multi-functional and highly-flexible Human Resource solution.

This software environment can create a centralised, virtual HR office by incorporating a comprehensive secure database with internet / intranet access.

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Multiple window view in chris²¹
Multiple window view in chris²¹
Extracting data in chris²¹ is simple
Extracting data in chris²¹ is simple
Exporting spreadsheets in chris²¹
Exporting spreadsheets in chris²¹

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Human Resources


Features included within our integrated Human Resource and Payroll software solution include:

Biographical Data

This integrated Human Resource and Payroll software solution allows your organisation to maintain and retain unlimited data history and new data items can be added by the user at anytime.

Organisation and Position Control 

Maintain complete control over your organisation's structure and headcount (full time equivalents) using our integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution.  An immediate, up-to-the-minute view of the organisation is available anytime, anywhere.

Flexible Remuneration Policy

Implement your remuneration policy and you will be able to forecast, plan and adminster remuneration in line with local market conditions across the organisation, or by selected employee groups.  All remuneration data can easily be exported into ExcelTM.

Holiday and Sickness - absence management

Maintain your company rules by utilising the user-defined tables. Human Resource leave rules relating to absences/holidays (eg payment, entitlement and statutory conditions) can be amended and viewed as required.

Triggers / Alerts

This Human Resource and Payroll software solution provides automatic email alerts that are user defined thus saving time and money within every department using the various HR modules.

Organisation Charting

All Human Resource data required to produce your organisation's Organisation Chart is maintained within our integrated Human Resource software solution.  Interfaces to a variety of third party organisation charting software solutions are available.

Email and Microsoft OfficeTM Integration

Gain efficiency within your HR department by utilizing the power of export/import functions within our integrated Human Resource software solution.  Integration functions are available with Microsoft OutlookTM, WordTM and ExcelTM.

User Customisation

Frontier Software has achieved enhanced functionality that allows a user (subject to security) to customise the integrated Human Resource software and your customisation is not removed when software upgrades occur.

Security / Auditing

The comprehensive security function underpins all data access and reporting, allowing the security user to state who has access to what data components. 

Report Designer

Advanced management reporting facilities are vital business tools and these are included within our integrated Human Resource and Payroll software solution.  The easy-to-use, secure and intuitive reporting function allows any number of reports to be created / amended at any time. Simple specification and data selection ensures that Human Resource reports can be delivered easily and quickly.  Data can be very easily merged into Microsoft WordTM and / or ExcelTM

Standard Reports

A wide variety of pre-written reports are also included within this integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution, many of which have XML and CSV output options.


Let chris21 and the variety of modules within our integrated Human Resource and Payroll software solution become your filing cabinet.  Any document, eg, photograph, driving licence, certificate of education / qualification or birth certificate can be attached to an employee's record with complete security control.

Payroll Management

Frontier Software’s Payroll Management module features comprehensive payroll rules to meet statutory compliance, stringent payroll requirements and comprehensive auditing and security facilities. All backed up by regular software upgrades, full documentation and dedicated support.

All payroll parameters can be user-defined according to business and statutory requirements. The payroll management module calculates retrospective changes to salaries / wages / allowances automatically, while maintaining the original cost-coding and full adjustment history.

Compliance with statutory requirements for post-termination payments is guaranteed. chris21 historical data is always available even when an employee leaves the organisation. Payment can be made up to the leaving date, or post-termination if overtime / commission / backpay is due.


Timesheets may be entered manually or imported using the Import Manager module. Alternatively chris21 will automatically generate hours by logic based on hours worked and award interpretation within our TA21 Time and Attendance module.

Deductions / Allowances / Earnings / Benefits

An unlimited number of deductions, pension / superannuation schemes, allowances and benefits can be maintained. chris21 keeps a full online history of changes for each employee and when additional earnings / deductions are required, they are simple to add.

On Demand Pay Re-calculation

chris21 allows the re-calculation of an individual’s pay and then continue with processing payroll reports, making it ideal for online checking.

Supplementary Pay

There are choices when making payments to employees outside a scheduled pay run:

  • Process the employee in a separate pay run
  • Make the payment off-line and record the payment details in chris21

Either way, chris21 updates year-to-date totals, creates accounting entries and provides reconciliation reports.


Net pay can be disbursed via EFT (electronic funds transfer), cheque or cash.

Financial Management Interfaces

More than 100 financial management system interfaces already exist in chris21. A standard interface is also available, alternatively Frontier Software can create a general ledger interface for you.

Pay Adjustments

A simple method for making one-off payments or deductions is provided – in addition to base pay, overtime and allowances. Adjustments are automatically created when retrospective changes to salary or allowance are entered, while one-off or bulk adjustments can be made as required. You can even import spreadsheet data into chris21 without re-keying data by using the Smart Import / Export Manager module.

Pay Rates / Pay Scales

Pay rates are user-defined and any number can be accommodated, with a complete history maintained.

Back Pay

With chris21 this is not an issue - simply enter the date and amount.


Reports may be produced in printed, or electronic format.  A wide variety of standard payroll reports are available to satisfy the diverse needs of business managers – including payroll, financial management, statutory, auditors and external agencies

Taxation and Social Security

Taxation logic is held with chris21 to ensure that statutory requirements are always met. These are updated automatically under the annual maintenance agreement.

A ‘press button’ Pay Run

This feature saves time and effort of entering timecards for ordinary hours if employees are ‘auto-paid’ ie. receive the same salary each pay period.

Net to Gross

chris21 applies statutory taxation rules in order to gross up the value of a net payment if required.

Termination Calculation*

A comprehensive termination facility means that once the rules are defined for calculating termination payments, all is needed is a termination date.
*Module not currently available in all countries.

Advance Payment

Standard taxation logic is used to calculate and deduct tax automatically for the advance pay period and can be calculated pro-rata or made in full.

Pension / Superannuation

Define and process any number of pension / superannuation schemes:

  • Calculation of employee and employer contributions
  • Year-to-date and fund-to-date totals
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) (UK)
  • Offsets and ceilings
  • Contracted out money purchase scheme
  • Specific amounts and / or percentage values
  • Electronic interfaces to scheme providers
  • Meets statutory scheme requirements
  • Super choice (Australia only)

Pay History and Year-to-date

Immediate access to historical data via chris21 will save time and money.

System Features

Complete History

Frontier Software has designed all of its products around the concept of unlimited history. Data is never lost, even when employees leave the organisation data is retained. Access to historical data is available at anytime.

Smart Import / Export Manager Module

Frontier Software has created this smart module that is more than just importing data. Designed using Microsoft ExcelTM, formatting templates for importing and exporting data are available using the report designer. Security and validation is crucial in creating a superior product and the business rules contained within our products are used to undertake data validation and security.

Customisation Tools

Frontier Software has achieved full functionality that allows a user to add new screens (forms), amend the data dictionary, create user help and remove data items that are not required.

Security / Auditing

Audit controls are essential for system management and any database change is recorded and reported. The comprehensive security function underpins all data access and reporting, allowing the security user to state who has access to what data components. Business logic determines the data to be deleted, added, changed or just viewed according to organisation structure.

LDAP Authentication

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol relates to authenticating users with Enterprise Directories when they are logging into the system. Instead of each application maintaining its own database of user security information, a Directory Service holds the security information for all users in the enterprise. Each application authenticates users against this central Directory Service using a standard called LDAP. Having the login id and password in one location and using LDAP enabled applications this provides the benefit of Same Sign On.

Help / User Notes

Just point to the field or form (screen) or menu item and automatically help will be found. An on-line tutorial help with index capability is available. This feature provides instant knowledge to a user and is updated when new software versions are created.

Additional Features

  • Opening multiple windows at the same time
  • Provision of a quick filter / query function
  • Email Merge function
  • XML output
  • Report Scheduling


Business Intelligence Reporting

Obtain full graphical analysis of your data via simple point and click processes by interfacing with third-party business intelligence products. Examples include: WebFocusTM, CrystalTM, ImpromptuTM or Business ObjectsTM.


A dashboard is an Executive Information System user interface that is designed to be easy to read. Graphs are displayed with a presentation of different chart types and you can drill down into a low level of data. A wide variety of metrics have been designed for the HR dashboard and Frontier Software have different dashboards for the diverse functions of HR. This graphical user interface will display summary graphs (e.g. bar charts, pie charts, bullet graphs etc.) and gauges with colours similar to traffic lights will be available.

Country Specific Features

The features described above are available for all countries, but our software also provides the facilities to manage the country specific requirements of the following locations:

  • Australia
  • UK (including Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man)
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Republic of Ireland
  • India

Other countries are being developed, so if you are interested in a location not listed above please Contact Us

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