When purchasing business systems, there are many options for organisations to consider. However, what is important is the structure of the solution under examination. For decades, there has been debate about what represents the best solution for business software, and the choice is always the same: do you buy a single solution from a single vendor or a combination of best-of-breed software?

For buyers of payroll and HR solutions, the same challenge applies.

Some vendors combine different pieces of software to create a solution, whereas a handful of others provide fully integrated single products. Sometimes, vendors will even promote third-party software solutions as their own – a process known as white-labelling.

But how can you tell if you are dealing with a single product vendor or a single vendor offering multiple products as one? Which is the best approach?

This whitepaper will describe the options available to buyers of HR and payroll solutions. It will also discuss the key things to consider before deciding to engage a vendor.