12. Mobility

HR app to boost the employee experience

Technology has significantly impacted the traditional transactions undertaken by HR, making it possible to integrate processes and reduce administration and the endless paper trail. Electronic communication is now an expected standard in every aspect of life, with information delivered in a few short clicks.  Technology should be easy to use, intuitive and mobile accessible, so it’s no surprise that mobile app adoption within HR is on a growth trajectory; proving itself to be a great partner to current hybrid, flexible working practices. 

The Mobile HR Smartphone app, available from HCM software provider Frontier Software, delivers flexibility and mobility. It enables staff to perform HR tasks directly from their device. The “anytime, anywhere” attitude to accessing data is a big benefit to organisations looking to introduce (or expand) a self service approach to HR tasks and processes. Mobile access supports this approach regardless of individual locations and work patterns.

With a mobile app the employee can initiate and action workflow requests. They can view leave balances, apply for leave, enter timesheet information, create expense requests, view pay history and check payslips, regardless of time and place. Managers can handle requests from their team whilst on the go, just as you would expect in our fast paced, technology driven era.  If you have been considering the benefits of a self service approach to HR, a mobile app could be just what you’re looking for. It is also great for organisations that cannot or do not want to deploy a full self service offering to all staff.

At this point, you could be asking, ‘if the technology is available and the cost benefits are obvious, why isn’t everyone rolling out apps for HR?’  Or, you may think your organisation’s culture is not ready and you would have to significantly change attitudes to ensure a satisfactory take up of mobile HR. If this is the case, take a moment to look at the people around you; statistically, three out of five will look at their mobiles in the next couple of minutes.  The Smartphone is a fixture in our lives for personal and business use and there are millions of apps available for download. We all benefit from the fact that we can instantly check our bank balance, confirm our train departure time or receive news as it happens, so access to personal and pay data won’t be exceptional. Also, consider that in 2020 84% of UK adults owned a Smartphone and using apps is second nature to most users.

It is widely accepted that significant improvements in business efficiencies are to be gained by the introduction of self service applications, so the business case for self service via a mobile device is on solid ground. Mobile HR solutions have the potential to improve communications, increase the productivity of the HR department, boost employee engagement and strengthen retention efforts. Sound good to you? Then speak with Frontier Software and start your journey to towards mobile HR.

Article originally published on HR Grapevine October 2021.