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Frontier Software interview: Selecting a new HCM / HRIS provider

Declan Collins of Human Resources Headquarters talks with Michael Howard and Sandra Walker of Frontier Software to find what are the key points to consider when selecting a HCM / HRIS provider. 

How do companies typically arrive at a decision to source or change HCM systems?

What are the core components of consideration when choosing the right products and services for their organisation?

Which deployment option is best; onsite, SAAS or outsourced solutions?

Listen to the full interview here to learn more.

With a focus on HR and Payroll software/services and 38 years of experience, Frontier Software is an established provider of global HCM software solutions. ichris (International Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Software) is functionally rich and highly configurable, with modules providing a truly integrated platform across all touch points of HR, payroll and talent management.

Interview originally published on Human Resources Headquarters March 2021.