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Why use outsourced payroll?

Outsourcing the payroll function can save your organisation time and money. You can benefit from the same accessibility, flexibility and control of running the payroll in-house, without having to allocate your staff, equipment, time and resources to ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time. Plus, you will not have any of the worry of keeping up to date with technology and the constant changes to pay legislation. Using a payroll service will ensure that payroll processing and the delivery of payslips remains unaffected by changes to your organisation.

How does outsourced payroll help?

Outsourced payroll providers are specialists, with suitably skilled and experienced resources at their disposal. They can process even the most complex of payrolls error free and at speed. They can also process and pay a temporary increase in employee numbers, e.g. seasonal workers, without having to acquire a new system that may remain unused for the rest of the year. Different payrolls can be set up and processed quickly and efficiently, regardless of payee numbers. Plus, payroll administration can be draining to your staff and your organisation with routine tasks consuming valuable resources.  The benefits of outsourcing can be further extended by giving staff secure access to their pay details, via a self service portal.

How does using outsourced payroll improve security?

With so many other factors consuming the payroll team, who has the time or resource to closely scrutinise the payroll for payment manipulation and potential fraud?  Minimise risk with a payroll system that delivers robust security, user definable audit trails and different levels of user access. Furthermore, with an ISO 27001 certified provider, you can rest assured that information security relating to hardware, network, software, data storage, handling and processing is adhered to and regularly audited.

Choosing the right solution provider

Frontier Software is an established software/service solution provider with more than 38 years experience in the provision of compliant payroll processing services and payroll management software for on-premise or in the cloud deployment. All of our software/service offerings are controlled by a comprehensive security environment, along with extensive audit controls. We have suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures in order to safeguard and secure the information that we may collect online. We also have protocols in place so that our systems and all data therein can be recovered within a reasonable timeframe, following the occurrence of unforeseen and critical events.

All services are delivered by Frontier Software staff and not sub-contracted.  Our clients are dealing with a single supplier for service delivery, support, upgrades and maintenance. The ichris solution offers modularity that provides an expansion or change capacity to match changes in an organisation’s strategy or operations at any point in time. For example, moving to/from a payroll service or adding fully integrated Human Resource management modules. To find out more about Frontier Software’s software solutions and services contact us today.

Article originally published on Public Sector Focus August 2021.