Team Work

Software to help recruit and retain a top team

Talent management is a process that involves attracting and retaining a high standard of employees, developing their skills and improving their performance. The primary purpose of talent management is to create a motivated workforce that will stay with your company in the long run and it is finally receiving the attention it deserves on the HR agenda. Getting recruitment and retention right is a challenge that impacts every business, whether they are big or small and regardless of business sector. Precious time and money can be wasted in recruiting and then losing an employee due to non-existent or ineffective processes before, during and after the initial recruitment phase. It is imperative that new recruits are onboarded quickly and efficiently and have the right tools to succeed in their role.

By creating an effective people strategy encompassing workforce planning and what’s needed to recruit, develop and reward your talent you are investing in the future of your organisation and ensuring that the best people are in place to drive success. However, to achieve this you need staff to be engaged with their role and your organisation. With the right employee value proposition and a working environment that’s conducive to personal development and progression, employees will be engaged and productive and this, ultimately, impacts on business success; positioning you as an employer of choice.

Using the talent management tools on offer from a specialist software provider will put your business in a strong position. The right tools allow you to record and maintain details of all the skills, capabilities and experience your team bring to the table and will enable you to easily develop and track career plans. The exact skills needed in the future may not be known right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare by developing career and succession plans, identify training needs and act on gaps in workforce knowledge.

A focus on talent management is supported and simplified with the right software in place. Frontier Software has been providing Human Capital Management (and Payroll) solutions for over 35 years and our comprehensive product range includes modules to support an effective talent management programme. Integrated yet modular, your solution can be built to suit individual needs and budgets and can include recruitment, onboarding, learning and development and performance management.

Through a focused approach to recruitment, ongoing development and continuous succession planning, you can differentiate your business in the eyes of both prospective employees and potential clients. Investment in talent management software should be viewed as an investment for an engaged, motivated and productive team that’s future ready.

Article originally published on London Loves Business November 2020.