In today’s fast-paced and competitive recruitment market, a solid onboarding approach is a business imperative. Your onboarding approach sends a powerful message to new employees long before they officially join your team. 

Employee onboarding software streamlines and automates the tasks associated with hiring new people, replacing slow, manual, and repetitive paper-based processes with a seamless digital experience.


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Empower your business to drive employee engagement from day one


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Automated workflows streamline

the experience 

Real-time tracking of each new hire's progress

Compatible with Apple™ and Android™ smartphones

Engage and welcome employees with video content

Easily create and share offer letters and contract documentation

Collect and gather payroll data to update ichris

Gather and verify qualifications, accreditations, memberships, licences, etc.

Assign and track admin tasks such as building access, equipment, etc. 


Maintains new hire engagement

Connect with and welcome new employees wherever they are

Ensures new hires are productive from their first day

Prevents delays in payroll processing