As the workforce continues to mobilise and become increasingly distributed, access to critical employee and personal information is vital for an engaged and productive workforce. Mobile HR makes this data accessible anytime and anywhere 24/7.


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Designed specifically for a mobile workforce

Anytime access to payroll and human resource data

Manage expense, leave and timesheet transactions on your device

Android and iphone compatible.

Optimised workflow approvals


Reduced administration costs

HR enablement - frees up time for more strategic activities


Improves data access company-wide and reduces the admin burden on HR and payroll

Payslip distribution via smartphone saves time and costs

Power employee transactions

Employees can use the native app to complete transactions on their smart devices, any time. These include:

  • Amend/update personal information e.g. bank details
  • Submit timesheets
  • View payslip and payroll history
  • Apply for leave and view balances
  • Enter expense claims

Manage better

Managers can access team data and respond to requests at any time. The mobile app is fully integrated with your HR and integrated payroll database, ensuring you access and amend data in real time. Make decisions based on up to the minute information and streamline HR and payroll processes.

  • Easily check team requests and contact details
  • Message, call or email employee directly from the app
  • Approve leave, timesheets and expenses
  • View notes and attachments

Drive Efficiency

Workforce collaboration drives efficiency. Eliminate paper-based forms and streamline your HR process by collaborating with your employees using Mobile HR. Your workforce will assist you in maintaining accurate records and accelerating approval processes by managing their personal details and requests from their smartphone or tablet device.