Frontier Software recently took part in a webinar with HR Leaders where we discussed the rising prevalence of 4-day work weeks. The webinar sought insights from stakeholders in HR and leadership and from employees currently working a 4-day week. Together, the panel delivers a comprehensive understanding of the 4-day work week benefit.

The panel discussed:

  • The practical challenges faced during the transition to a 4-day workweek.
  • Insights into the eligibility criteria and guidelines others have developed.
  • The impact of the 4-day workweek on employee well-being, productivity, and work-life balance.
  • What an executive team considers when evaluating the feasibility and benefits of a 4-day workweek.

You may be surprised by what came out of the discussion.

Speaker Bios


Nick Southcombe
Chief Executive Officer
Frontier Software 

Nick Southcombe is Chief Executive Officer at Frontier Software; a role he has held since 2007. Leveraging nearly four decades of experience, Nick has overseen the development of the Frontier Software brand to the enviable market position it occupies today.

Nick is committed to building an exceptional client-focused enterprise. He drives a corporate culture where business improvement, innovation, quality, and employee engagement are deeply connected with customer satisfaction.


Lyn Deutrom 
Professional Services Manager 
Frontier Software 

Lyn Deutrom is the Professional Services Manager (VIC/TAS) at Frontier Software. Lyn’s career has centered around sales and state management roles, largely within the IT industry. 

Lyn has opted for a 4-day working week to provide her with a better work-life balance and as a means to ease her way into impending retirement.


Graeme Poules
People Director 
Empex Consulting

Graeme Poules is an experienced People Director with a strong passion for Employee Experience, exploring ways to transform workplaces through the strategic use of Resources, Technology and Reward.  

In his career he has worked across several industries including financial services, management consulting, manufacturing, education and health services. He’s thrived as a standalone subject matter expert and has delivered, locally and globally, whilst leading large cross-functional teams to develop and execute numerous strategic HR projects.


Sheena Boughen 
Four-day week project lead
Our Community 

Sheena Boughen is the four-day-week project lead for Melbourne-based social enterprise Our Community, which introduced a four-day week in June 2022.

Our Community employs 80 staff to run several enterprises including Australia’s largest grants distribution platform SmartyGrants, the Institute of Community Directors Australia, the Funding Centre grants search database, the GiveNow donations platform, and the Our Community House co-working space shared by scores of other for-purpose organisations.