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“Responsiveness is excellent – after 9 months of engagement, I cannot recall an occasion where Frontier Software have failed to respond and/or resolve a query within 48 hours”

Andrew Lowe, Finance Assistant, Leeds Mind


Mind, the leading mental health charity for England and Wales, is passionate about mental health and wellbeing both for service users and staff. Leeds Mind, a local branch of the charity, promotes positive mental health and wellbeing; providing help and support to those who need it. Their aim is to help people build on their strengths, overcome obstacles, and become more in control of their lives.

In 2021, the charity identified several issues that were impacting their ability to successfully run payroll. These included out of date processes, limited reporting that hampered analysis, and a lack of expertise and payroll knowledge, particularly with regards to legislation. With a single point of expertise there was a single point of failure and no contingency. It was time to address these issues so, on recommendation, Leeds Mind contacted Frontier Software.

After several discussions around pain points and how these could be addressed, Frontier Software quickly demonstrated that their payroll services team would provide the necessary payroll expertise, back up and contingency planning that was urgently needed. Within a few short months of handing over the responsibility for payroll processing to Frontier Software, Finance Assistant Andrew Lowe noticed a reduced level of queries from employees and a reduced amount of time spent on the payroll process. Plus, with a specialist payroll services provider on board, the speed and accuracy of processing payroll improved massively, giving the Leeds Mind team greater confidence that staff will be paid on time and correctly – every time!

Andrew said, “the responsiveness from Frontier Software is excellent and, after a year of engagement, I cannot recall an occasion where their payroll services team has failed to respond and/or resolve a query within 48 hours”.

The Leeds Mind team know how important the benefits of a mentally healthy workplace are and, as a Mindful Employer, staff wellbeing is a high priority. The strong relationship with Frontier Software has helped the team remove the stress of keeping up to date with legislation, and ensures they are processing a compliant, accurate payroll. They can now focus on delivering much needed help and support to their service users.



Industry sector: Charity
Customer since: 2022
Headcount: 100 employees
Delivery method: Outsourced
Solution: Payroll
Country: United Kingdom



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