Recent changes to legislation has seen the payroll landscape in Australia evolve at an unprecedented pace. So, it’s crucial for HR professionals to stay informed and prepared if they want to avoid penalties.

The Webinar, Are you prepared to navigate the changing payroll landscape? We’ll explore the potential impact of pay secrecy and wage theft legislation changes, providing you with areas to consider in your own reviews.

The webinar covers:

  • What the new legislation means and how it will impact organisations and HR.
  • How payroll and data management processes will be impacted.
  • How processes, communication and practices may need to change.
  • Insights & tools to ensure your organisation remains compliant.

As the regulatory environment for payroll continues to evolve, this webinar will help you stay ahead of the curve and to embed processes to stay on the right side of the law.

Speaker Bios

Nick Southcombe
Chief Executive Officer
Frontier Software 

Nick Southcombe is Chief Executive Officer at Frontier Software; a role he has held since 2007. Leveraging nearly four decades of experience, Nick has overseen the development of the Frontier Software brand to the enviable market position it occupies today.

Nick is committed to building an exceptional client-focused enterprise. He drives a corporate culture where business improvement, innovation, quality, and employee engagement are deeply connected with customer satisfaction.


Nick Duggal
Moray & Agnew

Nick Duggal leads the National Workplace practice for Moray & Agnew. Having practiced in the field of workplace law throughout his career, he has an excellent understanding of time and cost pressures facing employers, insurers and government. This deep insight makes him a highly sought after adviser, providing workplace solutions that span multiple legal disciplines and are responsive, pragmatic and commercial.


Tracey Angwin
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Payroll Association

Tracey Angwin is a solutions expert, media commentator and popular keynote speaker and the driving force behind Australian Payroll Association.  Tracy is also the bestselling author of ‘The Payroll Revolution’ (2013) and ‘Profit from Payroll’ (2015).  She is sought out for her commentary and guidance on all payroll topics including why employers get payroll wrong, optimising the payroll function and the future of payroll.

Tracy is driven by a belief that payroll is a business critical function that can have devastating financial and emotional consequences if botched.  It is impossible to have a high performing, motivated and engaged workforce, if payroll isn’t correct and delivered on time.

Tracy is on a mission to help employers get payroll right.