In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become as common a topic of discussion as the weather. And with good reason. AI has been touted as a transformative force, not only in our personal lives but for the operations of organisations the world over. It lures us with promises of process automation, predictive analytics and insights like we have never had before. But for many, the rise of AI is something akin to the rise of an unpredictable and dangerous foe. One that needs to be restricted from reaching its full potential.

For HR professionals, AI offers a staggering array of opportunity for change and improvement. But with this opportunity comes challenges that may undermine or undo all the good AI can deliver. So how can we tell whether AI is the reaper of opportunity or the grim reaper in disguise?

Speaker Bios

Liviu Marciu
Chief Technology Officer
Frontier Software 

Liviu Marciu is Frontier Software’s Chief Technology Officer. Liv’s career spans many areas of IT, including development, delivery, product management, heads of and CTO roles held both nationally and internationally.

Liviu is known for his ability to build and improve the delivery capability for local and remotely located teams. As a leader, Liviu is known for challenging the status quo and for his commitment to encouraging continuous improvement and embedding a learning culture.


David Marshall
CEO and Founder

David Marshall brings three decades of B2B sales experience to his work, making significant contributions to the business of sales and the sales tech stack. As a co-founder of companies like Blitz, Performio, and now SalesGRID, David is an expert in the fields of sales incentive compensation management, sales process optimization and SaaS product development. His continual efforts aim at simplifying and improving the sales industry.


Carly Frederick
Director of Solutions Consulting, Embedded Platform

Carly Frederick is Workato’s Global Director for Solution Consulting and one of first employees in Workato’s OEM/Embedded team, from Solution Architecture, Delivery, Consulting, and Product. Carly currently is responsible for overseeing the strategy and delivery of our enterprise integration and automation platform for technology partners like Frontier.

Carly has an extensive background in Software Development and Consulting. Sheis leveraging this broad experience to incorporate our recently announced AI copilot functionality into our platform. AI presents an amazing step change in efficiency and time to value for customers when automating and integrating HR and Payroll data across multiple systems.