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Good Cookies

Cookies are little files that all Websites put on our computers to make using a Website easier to use, faster and more fun. Some of these cookies are essential for Websites to work and other just give you a better experience. We call these Good Cookies.

Bad Cookies on the other hand are intrusive. They display ads you don't want to see and take you off to places you don't want to go.

Frontier Software only places Good Cookies on your computer.

How Good Cookies Help You:

Essential Cookies

Our Website won't work properly unless these cookies are set. They help you get the experience you expected when you visited our Website.

  • They remember information you add to call back requests and submission forms so if you get distracted or make a mistake, you won't have to start again form scratch.
  • If you sign into a secure client area, these cookies recognise you're signed in. If it wasn't for these cookies, you'd have to sign in each time you went to a new page.
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Anonymous Info Cookies

These cookies collect information about how you use our Website. They are called anonymous cookies because they can't identify you. They just record information like the amount of people who visit certain pages, the amount of time they spend on each page and which page they go to next.

What they do:

  • They give us an overall picture about how our Web site is being used in Google Analytics. By identifying what overall visitors seem to like the most and what they don't like as much helps us modify our Website from time to time to make the experience even better.

Cookies For Saving Settings

Just think how frustrating it would be if every time you visited our Website you had to enter the same details every time you filled out a form, or had to login again, or had to reset text size, colours and preferences.

What they do:

  • They remember any preferences you've set.
  • They remember if we've asked you to complete a satisfaction survey so we don't have to ask you again.
  • They show you when you are logged into a secure client area.
  • They allow us to offer you live chat or customer support.
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Advertising Cookies

These cookies display advertising banners or outbound links based on your viewing habits and what the cookies think you might like.

What they do:

  • Generally they irritate customers so we don't use them. We call them Bad Cookies.
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