Recruitment Management (e-Recruit)

Recruitment Management (e-Recruit)

Recruitment Management (e-Recruit)

Streamline your recruitment process. Guarantee access to the best candidates efficiently

Key Features

  • Transform the HR function
  • Remove time intensive tasks from your centralised HR Office
  • Access and manage HR functions remotely from any desktop or PDA
  • Realise significant cost savings



Key Benefits



  • Easy administration of applicants 
  • Automation of letter writing
  • Full audit trail
  • Consistent selection criteria
  • Enhance your online presence
  • Links to job boards

ER21 creates an e-Recruitment Internet environment for your organisation and allows for many of the traditional recruitment activities to be performed within your company website.

Frontier Software's internet-based recruitment system leads the way in functionality, with powerful, yet easy-to-use features that will allow you to save on recruitment costs.

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Search job description
Search job description
Simple data entry
Simple data entry
Q & A recruitment process
Q & A recruitment process
Auto reference number
Auto reference number

» The candidate's perspective
» Applicant management
» Automatic candidate selection
» Comprehensive reporting and graphical analysis
» Interface to job sites and social media

With your own secure candidate and vacancy database, you can:

  • Allow data capture to be initiated by candidates
  • Maintain a complete application history
  • Query all applications
  • Schedule reports daily
  • Create, publish and send offers, emails or any other correspondence
  • Streamline your recruitment process and it will improve your service levels and workflows
  • Track your candidates at every stage - including interviews and medicals
  • Screen applicants automatically
  • Transfer successful applicants to employee status with minimal data entry
  • Track and manage vacancies
  • Manage a talent pool
  • Maintain Recruitment Agencies 
  • Job Board integration using Broadbean software
  • The recruitment module allows for vacancies in different countries
  • Your vacancy website can be in foreign languages e.g. German, Spanish, French

The Candidate's Perspective

For job candidates, it’s as easy as surfing the net. Applicants can:

  • Identify vacancies
  • Notify availability for interview
  • Enter reference details
  • Update information previously entered
  • Submit applications
  • Enter skills and competency data including self-rating
  • Provide medical / health information

Existing employees may also apply for vacancies and their request can be made within HR21 Employee and Manager Self Service module. 

On appointment, a candidate's details are transferred directly into the employee database. A talent pool of unsuccessful applicants can be maintained and managed for future vacancies.

Applicant Management

Track both external candidates and existing employees with just a click of an icon. ER21 incorporates easy-to-use forms for entry of biographic data - from linguistic skills to previous work history. This flexible solution allows a company to configure the data that needs to be captured without programming.

Vacancy Management

Regardless of whether they are applying for a specific or unsolicited vacancy, applicants often request a detailed job description. These are stored against every position record and available at any time.

Financial information pertaining to costs and budgets can be maintained, enabling important data analysis to be obtained easily and effectively.

Vacancy Requisition

Using the e-recuit software (ER21) a vacancy requisition can be created prior to publishing the vacancy. Simply enter details regarding this vacancy and it will be automatically passed to the appropriate manager or managers for approval using the workflow rules. Information such as title, date to be approved, costs and reasons for the vacancy are just some of the data items. 

Interviews and Appointments

Set and manage the interviewer's schedule, display dates and times and plan future activities with the schedule report / enquiry facility. The ER21 module maintains a complete history, regardless of whether the successful applicant is new to the company, or an existing employee.

Letter Writing & Correspondence History

Issue single or many letters, throughout all stages of the recruitment process. ER21 provides an interface to Microsoft WordTM - you just point, click and select the data you require.

Automatic Applicant Selection

This advanced feature allows you to configure selection rules relating to a vacancy - a vital feature in situations where a high volume of CVs and applicant information is received.

Application Events

The recruitment process in every company is different and varied based upon your industry sector. With the e-Recruit software (ER21) you can publish any event along with an appropriate date that can trigger an email for subsequent action. Examples are: Acknowledge receipt of application, Undertake reference checks, Confirm interview etc. The opportunities to reduce administration costs are endless.

Reporting and Enquiries

Enquire and report on all information held within ER21.

By using the advanced and easy-to-use Report Designer this allows you to analyse advertising campaigns, vacancy costing and skill / competency matching, as well as monitoring equal opportunities with minimal effort. Other reporting/enquiries could include:

Comprehensive graphical analysis

Information contained within your vancancy and application database can be analysed to gain an insight into any aspect of the recruitment process. Data can easily be exported into graphical displays for easy review of data.

User customisation

Utilising the supplied form designer customisation you can add new fields, delete fields no longer required or change / delete existing fields. Secure access controls who can perform this customisation.

Interface to Job Sites / Social Media

Use the powerful features of Broadbean software technology to interface with leading job sites making your life as a recruiter easier.

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