The move toward paperless offices and the consequent digitising of data has led to the amalgamation of vast amounts of information. For government agencies, corporates, not for profits and service organisations, data has amassed to the point that we specifically reference its magnitude. Data ‘warehouses’, ‘big’ data and data ‘lakes’ are terms used to describe the enormity of the data we are gathering and accessing.

But how do you know whether the data you rely on is valid and mutually acknowledged as a truthful source? How can you be certain the data used to report one metric is the same as in the next department when we each have our own databases and we don’t collaborate? You turn to a single source of truth (SSOT).

This whitepaper discusses the concept of SSOT, the challenges and barriers to adopting it and the things an organisation must consider when deciding to adopt SSOT as a solution to the data deluge.